"To support individuals to be their most authentic selves through healthy skincare."


We aim to spread the concept of self-love through healthy skincare practices, celebration of differences, and open communication. Itoju Ara is a skincare line built by a woman of color. In a world that seeks to confine women into a ridged box of beauty standards, we want to provide products that give them the confidence to break out of those boxes and embrace the beauty found in their most authentic self. Itoju Ara loosely translates to "self-preservation" in Yoruba. Here we believe that self-care is so much more than just as single activity. It is a state of mind and lifestyle.
Although Itoju Ara was formulated with women in mind, it is a unisex brand, able to address skin concerns of both men and women.

Our Goals:

1. Aid women with their skincare concerns.

2. Raise awareness of healthy skincare practices.

3. Evolve the way we think of beauty.