Itoju Ara was envisioned in late 2018 as a class project for our founder. Always knowing she wanted to start a skincare and beauty line, she took the project seriously because she always knew it would be apart of her future. Almost 2 years later, she decided to take that project and make it a reality.
Itoju Ara is a phrase from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria that loosely translates to "Take care of your body/yourself” or “Preserve yourself.” Our founder, Búsola, a Nigerian-American, wanted to incorporate her culture and heritage into this brand, being that it has a major part in how she turned into the woman she is today. She has worked on this for almost a year, conducted tests and trials, and is very proud of what is has and is continuing to do for people's skin. Take a look around, try some products, and let us know what you think! We will soon be expanding our line further into skincare, as well as body care.
Made with luxury ingredients, we want to make skincare simplistic and enjoyable. By going back to the fundamentals, and incorporating clean ingredients into our products, we believe our products have no limitations on who it can help.