The Toning Trio


To fade hyperpigmentation and even skin.

What does it contain? Plant and fruit extracts such as camu camu, Indian gooseberry, licorice root, and fig extract.
How does it work? Acerola cherries contain the highest amount of vitamin C than any other fruit. Ferment is used to increase the body's ability to repair tissue without synthetic Vitamin C. We use Acerola Bioferment. The combination of both naturally brighten and repair the skin. Pomegranate enzymes breakdown the accumulated dead skin cells, working as a great antioxidant. In result, lightening the skin from irregular hyperpigmentation and bacteria.
Best way to use it? We consider this our 'maintenance serum.' It being of milky consistency (low-key looks like a white mocha frappe), it melts right into the skin. Use a droplet full day and night, and most people see considerable results in approximately two weeks.




To brighten and hydrate.

What does it contain? A variety of botanical oils and extracts that carry vitamins and nutrients that our skin demands daily.
How does it work? Prickly pear helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as, reduce inflammation (especially that of sunburn). It also helps brighten and tone the skin's complexion. Raspberry oil contains high levels of Vitamin E which is known to be an important role in skin repair and conditioning. Its anti-inflammatory components are more effective than many oils such as avocado or grapeseed oil.
Best way to use it? As often as you please. Some use it only night, some use it as a replacement of their moisturizer, some simply use it religiously. It is up to you and your skin type. It is an amazing elixir to apply to face, neck, and chest area. This ish smells heavenly  and gives the most subtle glow.





To soothe and heal.

What does it contain? A fusion of the top oils in skincare ranging from goji berry to maracuja oil.
How does it work? Goji berries, also known as the wolf berry, are rich in beta-carotene, niacin (niacinamide's derivative), and ascorbic acid. It contains minerals and fatty acids that help in slowing down the aging process. Most popular in the Middle East and Africa, Black cumin seed oil is known to unclog pores, fight acne, and fade dark spots. Also known for it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this elixir helps with oil control (ironic right?) and skin irritation.
Best way to use it? As it is a facial oil, we recommend using this in your nighttime skincare routine (unless your skin needs the extra moisture throughout the day). During winter or travel when our skin tends to get stressed and dehydrated, this will also be a great tool to bring a long and incorporate.




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