Our Guide to a Hot Girl Summer: Silky Skin Edition

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The routine to elevate your body care.

There is nothing like clear skin on your face and your body. If you ever wondered the best way to do body care, you are in the right place. This routine is perfect for anyone who wants to have that seamless, smooth look when it comes to their body. This is not only for appearance, but for the actual health of your skin. This regimen can help combat issues such as uneven skin, keratosis pilaris AKA strawberry skin, textured skin, and dry/dull/flaky skin. We recommend doing this at least once a week to see changes in your skin.



1. Clean, hydrated skin.

Start off with clean, hydrated skin. Using a hydrating (or non-stripping) body wash/cleanser is vital. I cannot stress this enough. It doesn’t matter if you hydrate “oh so well” afterwards. Using a stripping cleanser strips your body of its natural oils. This in return dries out your skin from beneath the surface, which may cause irritation and itchiness. This is why you may see people with flaky skin, even if their skin is moisturized (the flaky/cracked skin is still visible).

If you are one to shower with hot water, we all know how super hot water can actually end up stripping your skin of its natural moisture (a lot of us still just can’t stay away). Adding the key component of moisture back in with a hydrating cleanser is the way to go. Overall, what you should gather from this is that stripping cleansers disrupt the skin’s outer layer and does not provide a completely smooth surface for next couple of steps.


 2. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

After the skin is clean, next step is exfoliation. We have two amazing sugar exfoliators that do amazing work. No exaggeration. We have provided a lot of information on our Lemon Crème Brightening Scrub and our Coconut Coffee Body Polish on their product pages and our Instagram (@itojuara). Down below is a summarized breakdown for each exfoliator to help you choose. Do not be afraid to get our Exfoliation Duo and use each one on different parts of your body (based on their needs): there are no rules to this. Who says you can't use two different scrubs at the same time?

 Exfoliation Duo Chart.

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PRO TIP: For a deeper exfoliation, use the scrub on close-to-dry skin. The way your skin feels after you rinse it off is literally like a baby’s bum.


3. Hair removal. 

Now this next step is optional, but optimal for smoother, softer skin. Shaving. And if you are waxing or lasered, some of us are a bit jealous. If you are shaving, it is vital you exfoliate first! Exfoliation first helps take that outer layer of dead skin off. In doing so, your razor doesn’t have to worry about that. It gets a closer shave versus trying to take of that layer of dead skin and your hair.

PRO TIP: We suggest using razors with at least 3 blades. They help avoid nicks and cuts, give a closer shave, and if you get the right one, helps replenish moisture back in the skin.


4. Replenish. Hydrate. Moisturize.

Lastly, once you’ve finished everything else in the shower, and you step out, it’s time to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. Our Ara Butters are the perfect way to do so. If you exfoliated with one our sugar scrubs, following up with an Ara Butter is key. The way it glides and soaks in your skin is literally amazing. Your skin literally feels like butter. It is one of those things that you have to experience for yourself.

Ara Butter on black girl skin.


Remember to use the Ara Butter fresh out the shower so it can still soak in while your skin is warm and more penetrable: it gives the best results. The Ara Butters give you a moisturized and well hydrated look and feel, as well as giving you a glow that no ordinary store-bought lotion is giving. If you want to go the extra mile, following up with a body oil really tops off everything + gives you that extra, extra glow.



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